Yates Motloid welder

March 4, 2011
Welder is referred to as the All-In-One-Workhorse because it has multiple uses and applications.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Yates Motloid, a leader in providing dental lab solutions for more than 50 years, has released a new and improved version of the Ortho Welder.

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The Ortho Welder II is referred to as an All-In-One-Workhorse because it has multiple uses and applications: an orthodontics welding machine, an electric solderer, and a wire annealer. It is intended for dental labs, orthodontic labs, production labs, commercial labs, and clinics.

There are a few key features that make this dental appliance an improvement over its predecessor.

NEW product features:

* Larger transformer gives approximately 50% more welding power
* Additional thermal protective overload switch for transformer
* Ability to use remote leads to anneal or heat treat
* Ability to combine one jaw with one remote lead
* Available in a 110V model or a 220V model

Paul Watson, owner of Fox Valley Orthodontic Laboratory in Elgin, Ill., spoke about his experiences with the time-saving Ortho Welder II.

"The extra power makes it much more efficient," Watson said. "With one little tap of the foot pedal, everything has a nice, solid hold. It’s more secure, it’s quicker, and it gives me the confidence that, as long as my technique is correct, the hold will be strong."

Added Watson: "With the new combination jaw, I no longer have to use wax or putty. This cuts out a lot of steps and allows me to see exactly where all my materials are without obstruction. After using the Ortho Welder II, I would never go back to using wax or putty for welding.

"Also, with remote annealing, I can have the piece on the model exactly where I want it—clip to the wire, press the button, and anneal right where it’s at. Before, you’d have to move the piece during the process, and you would lose precision. With this method, I’m able to give a much more precise fit."

By improving the product’s usability and versatility, Yates Motloid has given lab technicians and owners an advantage over competitors, allowing them to create stronger, better-fitting products in less time.

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