Levin Group ortho set

April 8, 2011
Product is a set of practice-management tools to help become a high-performance practice.

OWINGS MILLS, Maryland--Levin Group’s Orthodontic Division has announced release of a new product, The Total Ortho Reference Set.

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The Total Ortho Reference Set is a comprehensive collection of orthodontic practice-management products exclusively for orthodontists. The new offering was developed to help orthodontists turn their offices into high-performance practices. The set features four products including:

• Book: Building the $2 Million Ortho Practice, written by Dr. Roger P. Levin, CEO and President of Levin Group. This book focuses on how to increase efficiency and streamline operations, maximize production and profitability, boost referrals from dentists and patients, build a powerhouse team, and create a low-stress environment .

• Book: Management Scripts for the Orthodontic Practice. The book includes scripts that will enhance an ortho team’s verbal skills resulting in higher-level customer service.

• Book: Effective Training Scripts for Ortho Treatment Coordinators. This book is a tool for ortho treatment coordinators containing detailed scripts and analysis that illustrate effective ways to maximize the new-patient experience.

• CD: Maximum Success for Orthodontists. Dr. Levin shares how to unleash the power of referral-based marketing with breakthrough strategies that drive referrals, production, and profitability.

For a limited time, Levin Group offers a 20% courtesy discount off the $399 price of the ortho reference set. When ordering, orthodontists need to use CODE: opm2011 to receive the discount.

All customers whose order is more than $300 will also receive free tuition for the doctor and a guest to attend one of Dr. Levin’s 2011 Total Ortho Success seminars. Each of the products in The Total Ortho Reference Set can be purchased individually, many of which are available as digital downloads.

For more information, visit www.levingroup.com, www.levingrouportho.com, www.facebook.com/levingroup, and www.twitter.com/levin_group.

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