Trendy new orthodontic braces introduced

Dec. 7, 2006
Bracket Jacketz are a fashionable set of plastic clips for braces brackets that allow wearers to individualize their smile with letters, symbols, and colors.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada--Braces wearers can now say goodbye to the traditional woes of old-fashioned "metal mouth."

Bracket Jacketz, a fun, groundbreaking new way to wear and finally enjoy the experience of braces, are about to change the orthodontic experience for kids across America. As heralded by USA Today for making braces 'cooler,' Bracket Jacketz allow braces-bound teens and "tweens" to promote their individuality and personal sense of style through their smile, expressing themselves in a whole new way not previously available to kids with traditional braces.

Created by orthodontic visionary and entrepreneur Dr. Jed Feller, Bracket Jacketz are a fashionable set of plastic clips for braces brackets that allow wearers to individualize their smile with letters, symbols and colors. Bracket Jacketz are an easy to apply, innovative alternative to the uncomfortable wax once used to protect the mouth.

The Bracket Jacketz removable plastic clips take the place of common rubber bands, engaging the wire on both sides of the braces and offering ease, comfort and customization. With an array of fun and vibrant colors, and more than 25 different designs to choose from, including exotic designs, alphabet letters, smiley faces and other fun symbols, Bracket Jacketz offer young patients an endless means of building their identity in a unique and original way.

In fact, in an era when personalization is so important to young people, Bracket Jacketz are like text messaging for your mouth!

"As a practicing orthodontist for more than five years, I wanted to create an exciting new product that would take the monotony out of the experience of wearing braces and provide kids with a fun, exciting alternative that allows them to personalize their look," said Dr. Jed Feller, founder and CEO.

"Bracket Jacketz offer a pain-free way to put individuality and style back into a smile throughout the duration of orthodontic treatment."

To insert, patients just snap, clip and pop the plastic clips into place – holding the Bracket Jacketz between the thumb and index finger and sliding the clips onto the wire in front of the bracket. Bracket Jacketz "snap" onto the wire and into place easily, without damaging the bracket in any way.

Bracket Jacketz offer young patients countless ways to take back control of their orthodontic experience, and express their personality. Whether it's supporting favorite team colors, spelling out the crush of the week, or simply showing off "bling" for your braces, Bracket Jacketz can say it all with a smile!

Bracket Jacketz' Dr. Feller practices locally in the Las Vegas, Nev., area and Bracket Jacketz products are now available to kids and teens in the community who are looking to make a personal statement before their friends and classmates while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

In fact, hundreds of kids in the area have already clipped on Dr. Feller's fun styles to personalize their smile. Promising to be the next fun fad and buzz for young people, Bracket Jacketz also have started to roll across the country and are now available to local orthodontists nationwide.

For more information, visit or call (866) 58-SMILE.