Laclede donates to Operation Give

Jan. 19, 2006
Company to donate 600,000 baby and toddler toothbrushes to children affected by war and natural disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rancho Dominguez, CA -- Working with "Operative Give", Laclede, Inc. -- the makers of Biotene and Oral Balance Dry Mouth products -- have arranged to donate and distribute over 600,000 baby toothbrushes to children in areas of Iraq and Afghanistan affected by war and natural disinter.

In these regions, many pediatric oral care needs are being overlooked due to lack of supervision and enforcement of oral care by dental professionals.

Laclede's donation will give these children the toothbrushes they need to help them develop good hygiene habits that will ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Laclede will partner with Operation Give to coordinate this massive humanitarian effort.

Operation Give was founded to provide the basic items needed most by children in crisis areas of the world where our United States military men and women, are serving.

Operation Give collects donations by individuals and corporations and works with our soldiers to distribute these gifts to the children who have been impacted by disaster.

Operation Give and our serving soldiers have provided hope to children around the world with the many gifts which have been donated and distributed.

For more information on Laclede and the Biotene family of products, please visit or call (800) 922-5856.

For more information on Operation Give, please visit their Web site