Ambassadors for Humanity

Jan. 30, 2009
Dental consultant launches aid program that recently supplied Mexican orphanages with gifts and food.

by Peggy Sprague, RDH

As health professionals we are naturally drawn to the act of giving and service. Today more than ever we're aware of the magnanimous needs of humanity. Our hearts yearn to do something significant, something that will shift the devastation as we observe poverty-stricken areas in our own communities and the world.

We are faced with such statistics as 30,000 children per day die from starvation-related illnesses worldwide. According to the United Nations, one half of all children's deaths are caused from malnutrition.

The statistics on child starvation is so staggering, you may ask what you can do? We wonder how we can really make a difference.

For years I'd been aware of these horrifying statistics, and yet that was my only experience, statistics. As time passed and my desire to contribute continued, the prominence of children's needs came full circle in my life. That experience for me has been combined with creating a Humanitarian World Art project and subsequently helping the desperate needs of the children of Mexico.

When the United State's economy and the stock market crashed, it directly affected Mexico's economy. When the effects of Mexico's already poverty stricken economy and the current outrageous acts of their drug war are combined, the trickle down effect caused major hardship on the children, especially those in orphanages. Many Mexican parents are leaving their children in the orphanages on a daily basis because they cannot afford to feed them! When you couple that with the lack of donations that the orphanages count on from Americans, the country is in serious trouble for their basic needs of food, water, and electricity.

When we read about tragedies like this, our hearts grow sad, yet we do not really have a road map of how to help. We question how we can know we're making a difference in the lives of these or any needy children. What is the structure we can use to assure that our donations will reach the children directly?

As co-founder of The JP Institute 25 years ago, I found it was time to shift my career and talents. It was time to use my groomed corporate training for the needs of humanity.

That has been my quest for the last two years. I wanted to find charitable organizations that would 100% assure delivery on their promises. In order to support these organizations, I also wanted to create a way to fund their charitable endeavors with donations from people that really wanted to "put their compassion into action." I created a "forward giving" structure which gives to all that participate. This forward giving process culminates with the absolute assurance that monies donated will get to the children in "real time" and serve their needs in the best ways possible.

Through diligent research I believe I have found this creative structure to support the HeART of Giving, through a dynamic World Art project and incredible alliances with the most noble of charitable organizations.

Within this structure, in Dec. we followed our HeART, and by working with wonderful alliances like Airline Ambassadors and South West Airlines and some incredible volunteers, we delivered substantial aid and monies to three orphanages in desperate need. Here are a few pictures from the mission, featuring the best Santa volunteer ever!

We had fun and we supported the children with toys, clothes, money for electricity, and rice and beans. Our aid reached orphanages housing over 850 children. I cannot express to you how much this type of giving fills you with joy from the HeART of Giving!

Giving is a part of dentistry and I am very proud of our profession. During my consulting career, I have known thousands of dental professionals giving selfless service on a daily basis. That selfless service comes from a deep passion within.

If you would like to further put your "compassion into action" to help save children around the world, please inquire for more information on how you can make a difference in your own community, as well in 10 other countries where there is desperate need.

Please inquire by email to [email protected]

Peggy Sprague, Founder
Ambassadors For Humanity