Delta Dental Donations Bring Smiles to Children's Faces

Feb. 4, 2004
Company will distribute more than 1,200 "Teeth-on-the-Go" kits in observance of National Childrens' Dental Health Month.

February begins the American Dental Association's National Children's Dental Health Month, and Delta Dental Plan of Tennessee is doing their part to promote good dental hygiene and healthy smiles across the state of Tennessee with their Teeth-on-the-Go kits.

Delta Dental Plan of Tennessee (DDPT) will donate and distribute approximately 1,200 Teeth-on-the-Go kits throughout the state of Tennessee over the next 2 years. Designed for children in grades 1 and 2, the Teeth-on-the-Go kit includes a variety of visual and audio tools to aid teachers in providing lessons in good dental habits. Each kit contains "Arthur's Tooth", a twelve minute video, "The Brush Along Song," an audio tape, children's books, including "The Tooth Book," by Dr. Seuss, about nutrition and dental care, a model set of teeth, a giant toothbrush, and a guide to help teachers promote dental hygiene among students.

"Proper dental care begins even before a baby's first tooth
appears," says Dr. Phil Wenk, president and CEO of Delta Dental Plan of Tennessee. "If we can help educate children early, we hope to promote good oral care habits as they get older."

These learning tools provide a five-day lesson plan (15-20
minutes per day). The Teacher's Guide outlines daily activities and
handouts to involve parents by helping track their child's
tooth-brushing habits for a week. Upon completion of the program
students earn a completion certificate from the "Tooth Fairy."

"It is evident that children who receive proper oral care achieve
greater academic and social standards," said Lana Seivers,
Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Education. "The efforts from the Delta Dental Plan of Tennessee and the donation of the teeth-on-the-go kits mean so much to our children. This program is truly commendable."