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APEX Inspiration: Solea laser transforms dentistry at UH Rainbow babies and children's hospital

Aug. 7, 2015
Get inspired: Pain-free dentistry brings opportunity to special needs kids at UH Rainbow babies and children's hospital.

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"Before Solea, dentists could choose two out of the following three choices: pain-free, needle-free, or fast. The drill is fast but requires the needle to be pain-free. Erbium lasers can provide pain-free procedures but practitioners have to sacrifice speed. With Solea, you don't have to choose. You get all three, and with kids, fast is a prerequisite because they won't sit for long. If you take the needle and drill out of the equation, kids' fear of the dentist is completely removed. I can't think of a better place for Solea to be showcased than UH Rainbow Babies because they take care of special needs and underprivileged youth who typically need more dental care and are particularly deserving of a wonderful dental experience."

—Michael Cataldo, CEO, Convergent Dental

"This technology is revolutionary for pediatric dental treatment. The laser is perfect for kids because it works quietly, quickly, and without the lingering numbness of local anesthetic following a typical dental procedure. It is especially helpful in treating children with special needs, who may have more anxiety about seeing a dentist."

—Gerald Ferretti, DDS, Division Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at UH Rainbow babies and children's hospital; Professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine



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