New low-speed handpiece debuts

July 10, 2007
The iridescent, rainbow exterior of the Kaleidoscope handpiece differentiates it from all others in its class.

MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, recently introduced its StarDental brand Titan3 handpiece--the Titan Kaleidoscope.

The second of DentalEZ's StarDental handpieces to undergo the Kaleidoscope makeover, the unique Kaleidoscope exterior is also available for the 430 handpiece.

The iridescent, rainbow exterior of the Kaleidoscope handpiece differentiates it from all others in its class and is designed to brighten up any dental operatory. "Following the well-received response generated by the introduction of the 430 SWL Kaleidoscope, we decided to update another favorite of dental professionals, the Titan 3," explained Cass Campbell, StarDental Senior Product Manager.

"The Kaleidoscope is a fun version of existing StarDental handpieces. It has proved itself well-suited to pediatric practices, as the colorful handpiece may not be as intimidating to children as a sterile, stainless steel handpiece."

The Titan Kaleidoscope possesses all the attributes of the classic Titan 3 handpiece.

The stainless steel Titan 3 handpiece delivers classic low-speed performance. Engineered to provide exceptional balance for superior control, this versatile handpiece delivers high performance maneuverability ranging in speeds from 100- 5,000 or 100- 20,000 RPM, depending on the motor.

This wide range of speed reduces the total number of attachments required for a variety of procedural needs. The 5,000 RPM as well as the 20,000 RPM motors are available in solid stainless steel design.

The LubeFree motor of the Titan 3 reduces maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication. Moreover, the chairside repairable angles minimize operator downtime and reduce extraneous costs common to other handpieces.

The 360-degree Quick Connect Swivel on the Titan 3 reduces tubing drag, lessens hand/elbow strain, and improves scaler manipulation. Superior design and controllability of the Titan 3 enables the handpiece to perform better under load (torque) and makes it less likely to stall under higher torque requirements than other low speed motors.

The Quick Connect Swivel of the Titan 3 enables quick disconnection of the handpiece for sterilization. With today's concern for infection control, the electropolished, lightweight, stainless steel design of the Titan 3 provides strength and durability to withstand the high temperatures of autoclaving and chemiclaving.

Additionally, StarDental offers a one-year warranty on the Titan 3 which guarantees the highest quality and reliability of StarDental products.

For more information on the new Titan Kaleidoscope, call (866) DTE-INFO and press "2" for DentalEZ Customer Service or visit DentalEZ.