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May 1, 2006
Does Your Image Matter?

Does Your Image Matter?

“Does Your Image Matter?” attracted more than 40 women dentists to the newly opened Hyatt in downtown Denver. The elegant, glass-enclosed, 27th-floor meeting room lent itself to the ultimate awareness that your image does matter.

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A woman dentist’s personal image is important in connecting with her patients, associates, and friends. This meeting was cosponsored by the AAWD and the MDDS. It was specifically designed to assist women dentists. This program exposed how personal presentation, wardrobe, and body language influence our lives.

The speaker, Debra Lindquist, MA, AICI, CIP, helps people feel good about their appearances and personal presentations. She has discovered that enhancing a person’s outside appearance creates an inner sense of personal confidence. As dentists, this rings true daily with us in our practices, as we change many outward appearances and subsequently inner spirits.

Facilitator and well-put-together periodontist Dr. Roberta Shacklee has worked with Lindquist and wanted to share with other women dentists her secret.

This cosponsored program was held in conjunction with the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society during their annual convention. Spokeswoman and MMDS Member Services Director Corine Norman, MPA, wants to continue building opportunities for female dentists to build networks of female colleagues who share common issues and professional goals.

AAWD treasurer and member of the editorial board for Woman Dentist Journal, Dr. Laura Murcko inspired the early risers with a taste of AAWD’s 2006 plans. She encouraged everyone to send stories, from family celebrations to office successes, to tips, publications, and speaking engagements that may be of interest to readers of the AAWD and Woman Dentist Journal. Fun, education, pampering, networking, and camaraderie were all enjoyed while “Enriching and Nurturing the Diverse Lives of Women Dentists.”