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New Product Highlight

May 1, 2007

Pencure - powered by J. Morita

J. Morita’s new Pencure is the first LED curing light to feature equal power delivery via parallel LED light beams. Its ergonomically designed shape, balanced weight distribution, and compact rotating head delivers day-long comfort. For more information, call your dental dealer or (888) 566-7482.

Complete and uniform curing by Pencure

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J. Morita introduces Pencure, the world’s only LED curing unit featuring parallel light beams. It delivers concentrated light, with equal power distribution, that does not diffuse at the edges. As a result, Pencure retains its high power even at a distance and delivers uniform polymerization. It also offers a rotating, extremely compact head, which allows superior access. Lightweight and well balanced, Pencure is cordless and features an integrated time setting display.

For more information, call (888) JMORITA (566-7482) or contact your dealer.

Do all of your bonding with one kit!

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Cosmedent introduces Complete, an advanced bonding adhesive used for all light-cure, dual-cure, and self-cure restorations. Complete does not employ self-etching primers, which have proven to be less effective than the acid etch technique. Complete maximizes bond strength, is easy to use in all situations, has minimal film thickness, and virtually zero sensitivity. The instruction manual provides clearly written details for all bonding applications. The kit includes a light-cure primer/unfilled resin, a dual-cure catalyst, and a light-cure unfilled resin. For more information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit

Maintenance protection plans for Cavitron®

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DENTSPLY Professional and Cavitron Care repair service introduce the new Cavitron Scheduled Maintenance Plans. These maintenance protection plans cover an annual 26-point factory certified inspection, precision tuning, performance testing, and calibration. To keep your Cavitron ultrasonic scaler performing like new, Cavitron Care repair service only uses genuine Cavitron parts. Protect your Cavitron ultrasonic scaler with a new Cavitron Scheduled Maintenance Plan by calling Dentsply Professional at (800) 347-7412, registering online at, or contacting your authorized Dentsply dealer.

The 430 SWL® Kaleidoscope

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DentalEZ® Group introduces its StarDental® brand 430® Series handpiece, the 430 SWL Kaleidoscope. The Kaleidoscope is available in the classic LubeFree version, which comes with a one-year warranty, as well as a lubricated version, which carries a two-year warranty. The small head and high-torque design of these handpieces provide superior accessibility and visibility. Their low noise level reduces the possibility of auditory damage while reducing patient anxiety to provide a more pleasant patient experience.

For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO and press “2” for DentalEZ customer service or logon to

Versatile, portable Odyssey® Navigator

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. introduces the Odyssey Navigator soft-tissue diode laser, featuring technology that provides more convenience, easier operation, more flexibility, and unmatched portability. Engineered with the patient in mind, the Odyssey Navigator provides unsurpassed capabilities. Its “Quick Set” feature allows users to simply select Mode, Set Power, and go! Nothing could be easier.

For more details, visit or call (800) 533-6825.

ASI’s improved micro irrigation system

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ASI’s new wand-style micro irrigation system is a convenient method for delivering endodontic and periodontic fluids such as sodium hypochlorite, EDTA, and chlorhexidene. A push-button design allows precise control of delivery to save time over the setup of hand-held hypodermic syringes. The all-titanium handpiece and tubing are specially designed for chemical resistance. The system accepts all standard irrigation needles from 16 to 30 gauge. An ample supply of irrigating solution is provided with 250-500 mL reservoir bottles. Order as a single, dual, or triple irrigation system.

For more information, call (800) 566-9953 or visit

Stop back pain with AnterioRest!

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AnterioRest attaches to virtually any dental chair, and reduces muscle fatigue and pain by providing frontal support for your preferred working position. Supporting and stabilizing the upper body, its single-point release allows for infinite positioning - just place it where you want it, and lock it! It folds neatly out of the way when not in use, and can be used on either side of the chair with an optional installation kit for dual mount. Available at Benco Dental Co. and Becker-Parkin Dental Supply Co.

For more information, visit or call (866) 704-8455.

Golden-Misch launches revolutionary forceps

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New in exodontia: the “One Minute Extraction Technique” makes it possible to perform difficult extractions, such as retained roots and endodontically treated teeth, without reflecting a flap, in less than a minute. The Physics Forceps uses the biomechanical advantage of a first-class lever to remove a tooth virtually atraumatically, with only one point of contact on the tooth. The beak engages the tooth on the lingual below the CEJ; the bumper is placed low on the alveolar ridge and the dentist simply rolls the tooth out of the socket. The Physics Forceps dramatically reduces the time and stress of extractions, for both the patient and dentist.

For more information, call (877) XTRACTION (987-2284) or visit

Versatile DiaBite® from KIS Products

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DiaBite is a multi-purpose, inexpensive, disposable bite stick. It is designed to direct a patient’s bite force to locate a sensitive tooth or diagnose fractures, eliminating painful tooth tapping or damage to restorations. As a bite-stick for restoration cementation, it also allows passage of a curing light. A flexible instrument, DiaBite conforms to tooth contours and irregularities, transmitting uniform pressure without slipping or splintering, and it is unaffected by moisture.

For information and samples, call (800) 547-1511 or

New SENSA™ Dental X-ray Film

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Air Techniques, Inc. presents SENSA X-Ray Film - a D-Speed film manufactured by Air Techniques with materials supplied by Fujifilm Corporation. SENSA means quality, dependability, and superb radiographs. SENSA is for everyone who uses film, and it will work with every type of processor and brand of chemistry. Initially, Sensa will be offered in size 2, the most popular. Then all other sizes - 0, 1, 3, 4, panoramic, and cephalometric will be introduced.

For more information, visit

Oral health for your best friend

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It is estimated that 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease, producing bad breath. Oxyfresh offers exceptional products that can ensure your pet’s oral health. The products are safe, non-toxic, have no odor or taste, and are recommended by thousands of pet professionals worldwide for preventive oral home care. Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is odorless and formulated to promote healthy gums and eliminate odors by adding it to the pet’s drinking water. Pet Gel is odorless and tasteless, and can be used orally or externally to soothe, cleanse, and deodorize. Triple·Pet Toothbrush is triple-headed to help prevent periodontal disease by removing plaque.

For free details, call (800) 619-FREE (3733).

New Gleco Trap protects your drains

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Indigreen Innovations has partnered with Gleason Enterprises to launch a new line of Gleco Trap systems, which separate plaster and other sediments from sink drains. The latest generation comes in a 3.5-gallon and 5-gallon bucket size, designed for higher drain volumes. Gleco’s unique valve system makes it possible to change traps without the usual mess or odor. Indigreen Innovations distributes the complete Gleco line, as well as a variety of other unique dental products, through numerous dealers. To view the complete product line and preferred dealers, visit

Wipes kill four additional microorganisms

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PDI®, the Healthcare Division of Nice-Pak Products, Inc., recently received EPA acceptance to reduce the overall contact time on its Super Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Wipe from five to two minutes. In addition to killing 18 microorganisms, including MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and Salmonella, the wipes now kill Rotavirus, Human Coronavirus, ESBL-producing E. coli, and Burkholderia cepacia.

For more information, visit

Hiring and retaining great employees

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“222 Secrets of Hiring, Managing, and Retaining Great Employees in Healthcare Practices” is a new book by well-known seminar speaker/author Bob Levoy. Based on research findings from a variety of health-care providers, administrators, and practice managers, the 322-page book provides simple, easy-to-use advice and techniques for successfully recruiting, interviewing, compensating, motivating, training, evaluating, and retaining great employees in the clinical practice setting. Packed with proven action steps that can be implemented immediately, it will help you make the connections between employee satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and practice growth.

The book can be ordered from Jones and Bartlett Publishers at: (800) 832-0034 or

New LISTERINE® Tooth Defense™ rinse

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LISTERINE Tooth Defense contains sodium fluoride to strengthen and protect teeth against caries. It also kills the germs that cause oral malodor to keep breath fresh. It is recommended for patients 12 and above, because while fluoride is important for kids, it’s also important for teens and adults. Patients can still experience caries, demineralization, and white spots, or they may not get enough fluoride from other sources. LISTERINE Tooth Defense can help these patients strengthen teeth and benefit from fluoride. Use as directed. Not intended to prevent or reduce plaque and gingivitis.

For more information or to order, visit

SporeCheck™ in-office system ensures safety

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Hu-Friedy introduces SporeCheck, the most advanced biological indicator (BI) monitoring system designed to upgrade in-office infection-control practices by ensuring the fastest and most effective sterilization of dental instruments. SporeCheck also helps dental professionals comply with best practices guidelines established by the CDC and ADA, and helps them quickly assess that a steam sterilizer is functioning properly, which results in a decrease in the potential use of non-sterile instruments. It provides easy-to-read, reliable results in only 24 hours.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433) or visit

New Nature’s Expressions from Crest

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From beauty care to health care, Americans are turning to the energizing properties of natural ingredients to add special touches to their daily routines. New Crest Nature’s Expressions toothpaste is a unique combination of Crest’s trusted formula enhanced with natural flavor ingredients for a refreshing and invigorating brushing experience. The three variants - Pure Peppermint Fresh, Citrus Clean Mint and Mint + Green Tea Extract - are now available at drug, grocery, and mass stores nationwide.

For more information, visit