Online CE course on periodontal maintenance

Jan. 25, 2008
Earn four CE credits for completing "Periodontal Maintenance in Disease Prevention."

Periodontal Maintenance in Disease Prevention
A Peer-Reviewed Publication
Written by William L. Balanoff, DDS, MS, FICD


Periodontal disease occurs in the presence of pathogenic bacteria &mdash periodontopathogens or periodontal bacteria — in a susceptible host. The overall objectives of periodontal therapy are to halt disease progression, reduce pocket depths and, ideally, obtain clinical attachment gains. Following active periodontal therapy, periodontal maintenance is key for long-term positive clinical outcomes, involving both in-office maintenance and meticulous home care. Professional care is required to remove subgingival biofilm and deposits, and to prevent periodontal disease progression.

The goal of daily oral hygiene procedures for periodontal maintenance is to remove dental biofilm before it matures so as to prevent the development of gingivitis and a mature subgingival plaque. One of the main issues in periodontal maintenance is patient compliance. Consideration should be given to techniques and protocols that aid compliance, and care should be taken to address each patient's ability and willingness to perform daily oral hygiene as well as to address root caries risk and prevent unwanted sequelae.

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