DENTAPLEX® Celebrates Anniversary and Offers Free Samples

Jan. 20, 2004
MediNiche Pioneered the First Micronutrient Complex for Perio Patients

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the development of DENTAPLEX, vitamin mineral supplement for healthy teeth and gums, MediNiche is announcing a special free patient starter sample offer to all dental/pharmacy healthcare professionals. Effective immediately, dentists, periodontists, registered dental hygienists, dental assistants and pharmacists can contact MediNiche and request generous, complimentary supplies of DENTAPLEX for free dispensing to perio, surgical, implant and other oral care patients. 

DENTAPLEX, the #1 recommended supplement of dental professionals, was introduced in 2001 but the road to market began long before that time. In 1994, during the creation of the original MediNiche company business plan, one of the founding shareholders surfaced the idea for a dental-specific supplement product. "It was just after the holidays and I was working on the document that would outline the growth of our company when I received a call from Lee Nordan, MD about a new product idea." said Samuel J. Alioto, President & CEO, MediNiche, Inc. "Doctor Nordan told me about new research that was just completed highlighting the importance of certain nutrients in maintaining periodontal health. I just followed up, performed additional literature searches and refined the concept." Alioto said.

MediNiche promotes DENTAPLEX to dentists/pharmacists for recommendation to patients. DENTAPLEX is designed to complement therapies, e.g., Scaling and Root Planning (SRP), pharmacotherapy, etc., that dental healthcare providers utilize during perio or surgical patient care.

Clinical research has demonstrated that intake of key nutrients is directly related to oral and, specifically, periodontal health. "Nutrition plays a key role in maintaining oral health," said John Q. Phillips, DMD, a private practice dentist in Zelienople, PA and one of the original DENTAPLEX development advisors. "When evaluating nutritional intake for oral health, it is important to include those nutrients that have been demonstrated in well controlled clinical studies to be important to the health of teeth and gums."

"In order to help ensure optimal oral health, patients should practice good daily oral hygiene, receive regular professional dental care and eat a healthy daily diet. Dental professionals should discuss nutritional supplementation with patients, such as perio patients, who have difficulty maintaining a well-balanced diet or require additional nutritional support." said Dr. Phillips.

Several clinical studies have correlated vitamin and mineral supplementation to improvement in gingival (gum tissue) health. Doctor Phillips said that there are several factors important in maintaining health gums, and supplements serve only as one of many factors for promoting gingival health.

The DENTAPLEX formulation is built on a "C-Complex" of Calcium, vitamin C and Carotene, and high potency levels of B Complex vitamins; all key nutrients known to be helpful in maintaining healthy gums and strong teeth. DENTAPLEX is available for sale at pharmacy counters everywhere and on the Internet at

The DENTAPLEX free patient starter samples program will be available to dental healthcare professionals and pharmacists through the middle of the year (offer expires 6/30/04). All sample requests can be submitted via the Internet at:, by emailing [email protected] or by calling, toll-free 1-866-DENTAPLEX (336-8275).

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