Gelclair receives FDA approval in U.S.

Jan. 22, 2002
Gelclair, a new product for cancer treatment support and oral care, has received FDA approval in the U.S.

Sinclair Pharmaceuticals Limited announces that Gelclair, their novel product for the management of oral mucositis, has gained 510K (Medical Device) approval from the FDA.
Mucositis is a painful ulcerative and inflammatory condition affecting the mouth. It is seen alongside many chemotherapy regimens and radiotherapy to the head and neck. The pain of mucositis often prevents the patient from eating or drinking and so can result in the need to reduce a patient's treatment. Approximately 40% of all patients receiving chemotherapy in the U.S. experience mucositis, and an effective solution to the problem is in demand by the medical profession.
Gelclair creates a film barrier within the mouth. This barrier is designed to shield underlying nerve endings from stimulation to reduce pain, whatever the aetiology.
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