Company acquires exclusive distribution rights

May 21, 2007
Miltex Dental will distribute VibraJect ,VibraJect R3, and VibraShield Needle Capping Protector.

YORK, Pennsylvania--Miltex Dental, a division of Miltex, Inc. has announced that it has acquired the exclusive distributions rights to VibraJect ,VibraJect R3, and VibraShield Needle Capping Protector.

The VibraJect and VibraJect R3 are dental needle accessory devices designed to reduce or eliminate the pain associated with dental injections. The small, easy-to-use vibrating accessory attaches to standard dental syringes or intra-ligamental syringes to make patients of all ages more comfortable and eliminates the fear of injections.

The VibraJect reduces the discomfort of painful palatal, mandibular block, infiltration, and intraligamental injections, while offering a great deal of emotional relief to needle-phobics and the unusually pain-sensitive patients. VibraJect is also effective for single tooth anesthesia using the Buccal Furca PDL Technique. The VibraJect dental needle accessory device is available in a battery operated unit (VibraJect) and a rechargeable battery unit (VibraJect R3).

VibraShield is a simple and economical needle capping protector that meets all OSHA requirements. VibraShield is placed over the dental needle cap and used to help prevent needle sticks during recapping.

Dental professionals should keep their fingers on the VibraShield while recapping the needle. This helps keep their hands and fingers away from the needle. A VibraShield can be used throughout the day but must be wiped down with a disinfectant between patients. At the end of the day it should be discarded.

For additional information on Miltex products, visit online at Miltex Dental. The company's customer service group is available at (866) 854-8300 or by e-mail at [email protected].