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Habla Español? This mobile app does!

April 16, 2015
Dental Anywhere launches mobile app for Spanish speakers.

Dental Anywhere launches mobile app for Spanish speakers

Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps has announced the release of an app for Spanish speakers. By doing so, Dental Anywhere expanded its mobile care coverage to include the second largest language demographic in the United States.

According to the Census Bureau, the Spanish-speaking population in the United States has almost quadrupled since 1980 and continues to grow. Dental Anywhere’s Spanish app will serve patients with whom language barriers may be a limiting factor for seeking dental care.

“Both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking community members need better access to dental care and education. What better way to [provide] it than through their [smartphones]? Smartphones act as today’s personal business [centers] and not only in the [United States], but internationally as well. We hope [that] by adding Spanish to our roster of services, we are able to help more people,” said Michael Stein, MBA, Dental Anywhere's founder.

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“Mobile apps are a contemporary vehicle for information. If my patients prefer using their [smartphones] or a mobile app to stay connected, I want to give them that convenience. Dental Anywhere not only provided this technology, but also developed it in Spanish for my patient base here in Mexico,” states Allan Rotberg, DDS.

The Spanish app offers all of the same modules as the English app. Consumers can incorporate both languages for bilingual practices as well. With the modules included, patients can request services or appointments, access information about treatment and dental emergencies, learn about your practice, and more.