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Loupe-mounted MiniCam HD allows for image capture and video documentation

Feb. 23, 2015
MiniCam HD mounts to loupes to enable clinicians to capture images or video during procedures.
Los Angeles-based medical devices company, L.A. Lens, introduces a new technology for dental video communication. At 0.56 oz, the MiniCam HD is a lightweight, loupe-mounted HD camera that attaches to dental loupes and headbands to provide users with hands-free video documentation and image-capture capabilities.

The MiniCam HD software sets it apart from any other camera. This easy-to-use, intuitive software allows for easy recording, playback, and storage. The camera also enables storage of HD videos and images on its private cloud server. The cloud allows clinicians to access videos anytime and anywhere with any smart device.

For additional information, please call L.A. Lens toll-free at (844) 332-8383, email [email protected], or visit