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Coltene introduces Elasti-Dam Dental Dam

Aug. 8, 2013
Dam joins family of Coltene dental products

Elasti-Dam Dental Dam is the new powder-free, low protein latex dam that offers preferred low modulus handling for easier stretching to place over clamps. Supplied in standardized 5x5 or 6x6 sizes, ELASTI-DAM is offered in medium or heavy gauges in mint-scented green or vanilla-scented blue colors. The premium new design is priced the same as a traditional hygenic latex dam.

Elasti-Dam is Coltene’s newest addition to the product line that includes Hugenic Ready Cut Dam, Fiesta Dam, Flexidam, Hygenic Non-Latex Dam, WedJets Dental Dam Stabilizing Cord, and Ora-Shield Dam Napkins.

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With Elasti-Dam, Coltene offers a complete dental dam line with more colors in more gauges, including latex-free and powder-free options. For further information, visit