Stardental 430 45

StarDental introduces the 430-45 handpiece

DentalEZ Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to introduce the newest member of its classic 430 handpiece line, the 430-45. Available in two configurations, the 430 SWL 45 and the 430 SW 45 are both equipped with a unique 45° angled head that provides unprecedented access to hard-to-reach posterior areas of the oral cavity.

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The 430-45 was specially designed to be the perfect handpiece for surgical procedures commonly performed by the general dentist such as removal of impacted molars, crown lengthenings, apicoectomies, and numerous other endodontic and periodontal practices. Along with the new 45° angle feature, the small head and optional fiber optic feature of the new 430-45 provide dental professionals with superior oral access and visibility.

“The demand for specialized air-driven handpieces continues to grow as many general practitioners are experiencing seemingly routine cases that sometimes turn into more complex procedures,” remarked Rick Gross, StarDental Senior Product Manager. “Rather than investing in a multifaceted surgical system that can be extremely costly, we wanted to provide dentists with a more economical solution for these cases. With the 430-45, StarDental now offers the well-recognized 430 brand that dental professionals have grown to trust but with more specialized features.”

The 430-45 is equipped with specially designed side ports that effectively exhaust air away from the procedure area, therefore reducing the common risk of air embolism and protecting the integrity of the surgical site*. In addition, a pure stream of water is provided to keep the operatory site cool and clear. The 430-45 is available with or without solid glass rod fiber optics and accepts all standard and surgical length burs.

“Our focus with the 430 line is to provide further choices and more variety for a wider array of individual preferences,” continued Gross. “We are very excited to offer the 430-45. It’s a great option for any dental professional who wants a multipurpose, flexible handpiece that can be used in a variety of situations.”

As the #1 selling handpiece on the market**, each handpiece in the StarDental 430 Series is an American Classic among dental professionals. Made with StarDental ceramic ball bearing turbines, the full family of the 430 Series includes: StarDental’s 430 SWL, featuring solid glass rod fiber optics, the 430 K, 430 SW, the 430 Satin, and the newest addition, the 430-45. Each is available in lubricated or StarDental’s traditional LubeFreewhich provides substantial cost and time savings. The small head and high-torque design of the 430 Series provides superior oral accessibility and visibility, and the high power enables fast and precise removal of tooth surface and amalgam. Its low noise level reduces the possibility of auditory damage and provides a more pleasant patient experience.

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*StarDental internal testing has shown that the 430 SWL 45 and 430 SW 45 high-speed handpieces do not direct high-pressure air towards the cutting bur. The chip-air tube has been removed, eliminating drive air from being directed into the working area, thus reducing the risk of air embolism.

**Document available upon request.