Sensable Dental Intellifit

March 16, 2011
System adds German interface, more productivity and production choice from “intelligently open” configurations of TE CAD/CAM for partials and more.

WILMINGTON, Massachusetts--Sensable Dental, a division of Sensable, has announced the scheduled launch March 22-26, 2011, of the newest version of the Intellifit TE (Touch-Enabled) Digital Restoration System for European markets at the 34th International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany.

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With a new German language interface and a virtual touch-enabled articulator so technicians can “feel the fit” as they check occlusion, the new modular configurations of Intellifit are designed expressly for the needs of the European dental lab market.

The system for partials and more, Intellifit--formerly named the Sensable Dental Lab System--now adds support for veneers, enhanced design features and fabrication choices for crown and bridge, as well as increased 3D printing capacity.

Intellifit’s “intelligently open” platform offers European labs the best of all worlds. The system’s open, modular configurations are intended for small labs that don’t yet have a CAD/CAM system since they can choose to purchase just the fixed restoration module, just the removables module, or both.

It’s also a great choice for labs that may already have a crown and bridge system and now want to add the industry’s leading solution for digitally designed partials. With Intellifit, European labs can choose to design and fabricate in-house, or outsource to an Intellifit Production Center for milled, cast or printed parts.

Whether labs are large or small, Sensable Dental’s Intellifit solutions help them achieve greater productivity, profitability, and precision to gain a competitive advantage.

“Sensable’s family of 3D design products have been helping the dental industry solve the complex challenges of organic design for the past 10 years,” stated Joerg Bressem, master dental technician who owns the Bressem Zahntechnik dental lab.

“From modeling many of the world’s most renowned tooth libraries, to helping dental surgeons design custom implants to the new Intellifit Dental Restoration System, technicians have come to respect the range of capabilities the Sensable 3D design system provides. It delivers ultimate flexibility for the technician, from simple cases to the most complex.”

“The Intellifit system is the only digital tool that totally reflects the lab's needs--with no limitations,” Bressem added.

Highlights of the new versions of Intellifit on display at IDS include:

* Enhanced crown & bridge functionality. The new Intellifit adds the Heraeus Premium digital tooth library--known for its natural appearance and fit--allowing dental labs even more choice in creating esthetically pleasing restorations for their doctors. The new Intellifit’s streamlined margin detection also delivers precise margin lines for challenging cases. Multi-die scanning provides accurate 3D scans in less than 20 seconds per unit. The new touch-enabled, virtual articulator allows technicians to test occlusion of restorations before they are produced.

*Support for prepped veneers. Intellifit eliminates tedious, time-consuming hand-waxing, helps ensure symmetry, and provides consistency, regardless of which technician is doing the work.

*More pressing choices. Dental labs using Intellifit can design and fabricate full anatomy crowns, bridges and veneers and then press in all-ceramic materials from VITA and Ivoclar Vivadent, such as Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max and IPS Empress Esthetic.

*More milling choices. These include automatic tool compensation and output for industry standard milling machines. Labs can mill full contour overstructures and substructures in a variety of materials, including zirconia and all-ceramic materials through Sensable’s network of authorized milling centers, including Core 3D’s worldwide network.

*Increased printer throughput. With an up to 60% larger printing area, now available on the integrated, high-resolution 3D Systems ProJet DP 3000 resin printer, for increased productivity. Labs can print up to 200 parts in a single build. High-resolution resin parts can be used for casting, flasking and pressing and are intended for fixed and removable restorations.

Sensable also plans to demonstrate the Freeform 3D Organic Design System, used to create tooth libraries, dental aligners, surgical guides and specialized appliances, and an organic modeling system for the design of custom medical implants.

Milling and fabrication centers canvisit Sensable to discuss opportunities to become an Intellifit Production Center partner, as a complement to the company’s worldwide network of design users. Sensable is also seeking additional distributors for the Intellifit Digital Restoration System.

Sensable will showcase these solutions at IDS, Cologne, in Hall 4.1, Stand F-031, from March 22 through March 26.

For more information, visit or contact Sensable at (781) 937-8315.

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