Heraeus new bleach shades

March 17, 2011
Shades are within Premium, Mondial, and Artic denture teeth lines.

SOUTH BEND, Indiana--Baby boomers aren’t compromising when it comes to a healthy, beautiful smile even if that smile comes by way of dentures.

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Heraeus, a leader in advancing dental esthetics and overall dental well-being, has lines of naturally looking teeth: Premium, Mondial, and Artic.

The company announced that it is adding new bleach shades within each of those lines to meet growing demand for a beautiful, natural looking smile. The addition of the new shades will offer dentists and dental technicians greater flexibility for meeting a patient’s individual esthetic and functional needs.

"The biggest concern for denture wearers is that their dentures may look fake," said Dr. Abdi Sameni.

"Since using Heraeus' teeth, fake-looking dentures are no longer a concern for my patients. These highly precise CAD-CAM fabricated teeth possess extremely lifelike optical properties such as opalescence, fluorescence, are very natural looking, strong, and attractive,”

With the following diverse range of teeth lines, Heraeus is able to help meet the needs of patients:

Premium Teeth
Premium is the tooth line for the highest esthetic demands in prosthetics with a distinctively natural appearance and fit. Multiple layers of dentin and enamel are blended to create a natural, lifelike effect. Layer blending helps guarantee enduring color stability and long-lasting wear, and produces a shading effect that is difficult to distinguish from natural teeth. Premium teeth are ideal for implants and can be mixed and matched with the Mondial Teeth line. Additionally, CAD/CAM moulds and the INCOMP manufacturing process allow for a dense, hard tooth and fit.

Mondial Teeth
When patients are considering a dental prosthesis, but are concerned about keeping a natural-looking smile, Mondial teeth are a solution. Mondial Denture Teeth feature NanoPearl technology, a long-lasting, abrasion-resistant formula, precise INCOMP manufacturing methods. and CAD/CAM moulds that increase the lifespan of Mondial teeth while adding to the overall esthetic value. Mondial teeth are suited to be mixed and matched with the Premium line of teeth.

Artic Teeth
With natural color and translucence and produced using INCOMP manufacturing technology for durability and consistency, Artic denture teeth allow for value-driven restorations that display the natural color and translucence of a premium tooth. Multi-layered anatomic design permits adaptation to existing dentition and to complete dentures. Artic teeth are produced with a high degree of translucency and multiple options in the posterior moulds.

The new bleach shades meet esthetic requirements by offering color-stable teeth.

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