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KOMET Sonic Tips for crowns

March 28, 2011
The KOMET SonicLine sonic tips for crown preparations are offered in six configurations.
ROCK HILL, South Carolina—Developed to follow the principles of Dr. Domenico Massironi, of Milan, Italy, the KOMET SonicLine sonic-handpiece (SF1LM) system has been expanded to include special sonic tips for the preparation of crown cores. To read more about KOMET, go to KOMET.The KOMET SonicLine sonic tips for crown preparations are offered in six configurations (SF979.000.014 and 016, SF862.000.014, and SF847KR.000.016 and in fine-grain versions SF8979.000.014 and 016). After supragingival preparation has been achieved with KOMET rotary instruments of matched shapes, the sonic tips are employed to produce precisely positioned and finished prosthetic margins and to enhance interproximal finishing.KOMET SonicLine sonic tips for crown preparation also include two special configurations developed in close cooperation with Professor Gunay of the Medical University of Hanover. The working ends of these tips are half-coated lengthwise for applications on mesial (SF8878KM.000.018) and distal (SF8878KD.000.018) surfaces. Precision-engineered to prevent damage to adjacent teeth, the halved tips are specially indicated for interproximal trimming.When in operation, the KOMET SonicLine crown-preparation tips produce an oscillating function that allows the crown margin to be gently and safely positioned while protecting the soft tissue. This avoids gingival trauma even in case of direct contact. The oscillating elliptical vibrations of the sonic tips also create an irregular surface structure that promotes penetration and adhesion for crown cementation.Made in Germany with attention to engineering and clinical requirements, the KOMET SonicLine system comprises a comprehensive range of sonic tips that cover a multitude of indications. This includes prophylaxis, veneer procedures, and the opening of fissures as well as crown-preparation cases. Special tip labeling allows the use to identify the correct tip for a specific procedure, and laser etching of the order number on the sonic tips facilitates ordering of additional tips as needs arise. Tips coated with fine grain are indicated with a red identification dot. The sonic tips can withstand regular reprocessing in a washer/disinfector through use of a rinse adapter.For more information, call (888) 566-3887 or visit comment on this product, go to