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March 28, 2011
Active Presence allows practices to control and streamline their online reputation.

LOS ANGELES, California--Smile Reminder, a leader in patient engagement and communication, has introduced Active Presence.

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Every day patients post reviews about their experiences with dental practices. A practice's online reputation, or "webutation," is developing constantly, and dental care professionals need to have the capability to actively manage this exposure without taking up valuable time caring for patients.

Active Presence allows practices to help control and streamline their "webutation" through a three-part system:

First, Active Monitor routinely combs the Web looking for reviews that mention a specific practice. These reviews are then reported along with other important facts, such as an overall review score and a comparison review rating. This report allows a practice to routinely track its evolving online reputation.

Second, Active Review enables a practice to manage its "webutation" with automatic pushing of patient reviews to online directories such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. Active Review also aids a practice in directing patient reviews wherever its online reputation might need help.

Third, Active Push assists a practices with managing its listings online. With hundreds of directories available across the Web, it becomes nearly impossible for a practice to manually submit and manage its practice information one listing at a time. Active push submits to these directories, which are then watched by Active Monitor.

With Active Presence, a practice can gain even greater control of its online reputation, while receiving feedback from patients.

"At Smile Reminder we are always seeking out new ways to improve practice technology," said Jim Higgins, founder and CEO of Smile Reminder. "We're thrilled to introduce Active Presence and we're confident in its ability to be a game-changer in the vision care industry. It's not enough anymore to just have reviews on a directory such as Google or Bing. Business listings and review sites need to be watched and managed, which is exactly what Active Presence will do for dental care professionals."

With Active Presence available to the dental industry, a dental professional can continually monitor his or her evolving online reputation and improve patient acquisition.

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