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KOMET contact breakers

March 7, 2011
Design eliminates the use of diamond strip.
ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET’s OS18MH and OS18MV single-sided contact breakers are engineered to replace diamond strips during the initial phase of interproximal enamel reduction procedures. To read more about KOMET, go to KOMET.Designed in collaboration with Dr. Jerry Gildner, of Mequon, Wis., the segmented oscillating discs widen interproximal spaces to 0.18 mm. This is the first step in the IPR technique that generally aims for a total reduction of 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm. The thin oscillating discs are rigid enough to cut through tight interproximal contacts, and in most cases eliminate the need for diamond strips. These strips can be difficult to control and often result in inadvertent over-reduction, displeasing to patient and operator.Part of KOMET USA’s IPR Starter Kit, the single-sided contact breakers help maximize IPR success by offering a reliable, consistent method for achieving the desired results. In addition, the single-sided design protects adjacent dentition, effectively eliminating damage to neighboring teeth while helping minimize chairtime and operator stress. The kit is a component of the OS System, an internationally proven method in IPR procedures.For more information, call (888) 566-3887 or visit comment on this product, go to