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fiteBac SkinCare

Nov. 15, 2011
Gel is biocompatibility tested and highly rated by independent review organizations.
fiteBac SkinCare has released fiteBac SkinCare Germicidal gel.Created by a core team of chemists and materials experts retired from Dow Corning and 3M, the gel is biocompatibility tested and highly rated by independent review organizations. It is non-greasy, petroleum-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and water-free for sizable businesses and larger facilities as well as smaller ones.Clean HandsThe gel’s germicidal patent-pending formulation helps keeps hands soft in harsh environments while fortifying the skin’s moisture barrier. fiteBac SkinCare Germicidal gel helps alleviate dryness while maintaining a silky feeling even after skin is exposed to frequent washing, glove use, or unforgiving elements. With high hydrophobicity, the gel helps prevent moisture penetration, but does allow perspiration to escape and skin to breath.Chemist John Blizzard was instrumental in the formulation of fiteBac SkinCare Germicidal gel. Blizzard enjoyed a successful 35-year career at Dow Corning where he was awarded more than 50 patents. This includes those related to transdermal medical delivery systems. During his career, he served as principal investigator, as well as development chemist for Department of Defense contracts.“This antimicrobial gel is a cross between two different polymers--a polymer is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units," Blizzard said. "These subunits are typically connected by covalent chemical bonds. Although the term polymer is sometimes taken to refer to plastics, it actually encompasses a large class comprising both natural and synthetic materials with a wide variety of properties.”Unlike other sanitizers, the gel helps kill germs while maintaining a silky feeling on hands and feet.For more information, go to comment on this product, go to