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Hager Worldwide 2012

Dec. 7, 2011
Products range from eyewear to mirrors to puppets to toothrushes.

Hager Worldwide is slated to debut eight products in 2012.

Here is a brief description of these products.

Hager Eagles: Wraparound-Style Protective Eyewear
The Hager Eagles line of wraparound protective eyewear from Hager Worldwide offers a sleek frameless style with coverage and unobstructed peripheral vision. At only 22 ounces and with integrated side shields, the Hager Eagles provide all-day comfort and protection. Adjustable temple lengths also make them workable for patients.

Sperian Laser: Laser Eye Protection with Contemporary Styling
The Sperian Laser is laser eye protection with contemporary styling. With a lightweight frame, adjustable nose bridge, and polycarbonate lens, Sperian Laser protective eyewear offers protection and comfort. Available in Erbium & 800 Diode (810 nm/2,780 nm coverage) and YAG & 800 Diode (810 nm/940 nm/980 nm/1,064 nm coverage).

Mirasuc View: High Volume Evacuation Tip with Internal Mirror
The Mirasuc View is a high volume evacuation tip that provides aspiration and a mouth mirror simultaneously. The Mirasuc View reduces two instruments in the patient’s mouth down to one and can be used in endodontics, orthodontics, and prophylaxis work. Available in a starter kit with 10 canulas and 10 mirrors (autoclavable), as well as in replacement packs of 10 mirrors.

Putzi Pets: Patient Education Puppets
The Putzi Pets are patient education animal puppets that are articulated by hand from an opening in the back. They are intendedfor presenting friendly teaching sessions to children and adults, as well as relaxing first-time patientsabout proper dental care. The Putzi Pets are available in a standard or large size in a variety of animal characters or without orthodontic braces.

Kid’s Toothbrush
The Kid’s Toothbrushes have a hinged protective cover in the shape of a fun animal character. The toothbrushes have a small head, a three-rowed bristle field, and are self-standing. The Kid’s Toothbrushes are available in four different animal characters (Cat, Cow, Tiger, and Elephant).

Impla Clean: Implant Cleaning Instruments
The Impla Clean are double-ended implant cleaning instruments that come in four different shapes: a scaler, a sickle, an s-curved sickle, and an o-ring with inside serration. The instruments are constructed of a nonscratching plastic that is autoclavable up to 134 degrees. The Impla Clean are available in assorted sets of four or individually.

Panalite: Stethoscope with Internal Binural Spring
The Panalite is a lightweight stethoscope with high acoustics. The Panalite is made of anodized aluminum in the chestpiece and binurals and provides a broad frequency range while delivering crisp highs and resonant lows no matter how subtle the sound. They are available in four colors and have a weight of 2.8 oz and overall length of 32 inches.

BullFrog Smart+Air Compressors
BullFrog, the long-time motor repair division of Hager Worldwide, now offers a line of oil-less air compressors called Smart+Air. The Smart+Air compressors are designed to quietly deliver clean, dry air to operate dental handpieces. The Smart +Air line is available in three different sizes to meet the needs of a dental office. The line also includes a portable back-up compressor called the Hero-Air.

Durable frame, ultra-scratch resistant lenses features of eyewear

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