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Dec. 13, 2011
Colorvue PerioScreen Probe is easy to read  and provides fast Method for screening pocket depth.
CHICAGO, Illinois--Hu-Friedy, a leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments, has announced the addition of the Colorvue PerioScreen Probe to the company's line of diagnostic products. The probe provides a fast and easy-to-use method of screening periodontal pocket depth prior to definitive probing, an important step in the detection and assessment of periodontal disease.Periodontal disease has been linked to chronic systemic inflammation and a number of life-threatening diseases and conditions. Due to time constraints, it can become challenging for the dental clinician to perform the full mouth chartings necessary to determine disease. Hu-Friedy’s Colorvue PerioScreen Probe provides a time-efficient solution with features such as a universally understood color-coding of green and red, which can indicate the absence or presence of periodontal disease. This color-coding system can also assist in patient education.Proper maintenance, patient education can determine success or failure of periodontal therapyIn addition, the probe is ergonomically and ecofriendly. Unlike many other probes on the market today, Hu-Friedy’s Colorvue PerioScreen Probe has a larger metal handle for a more comfortable grip. The metal handle itself can also be reused or recycled, lending to a more environmentally friendly instrument.“Because it is so challenging to perform full-mouth chartings due to time constraints, we have added the Colorvue PerioScreen Probe to our already comprehensive line of periodontal probes,” said Ken Serota, president, Hu-Friedy Mfg. “PerioScreen is designed to help clinicians screen for periodontal disease efficiently and effectively, so they can provide the best dental care to every patient, every day.” For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY or visit comment on this product, go to