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Crosstex Ultra Pure

Dec. 7, 2011
Eco-friendly Ultra Pure Non-Woven Sponges are made with 100% USA-grown cotton.
HAUPPAUGE, New York--Crosstex International has announced launch of a green product in the company's line of cotton and non-woven products: Ultra Pure Non-Woven Sponges. Eco-friendly Ultra Pure Non-Woven Sponges are made with 100% USA grown cotton. They are soft, lint free, and have faster absorbency (40 to 45 GSM) as compared to synthetics, rayon, and cotton blends. Unlike typical synthetic non-woven sponges, Ultra Pure sponges are biodegradable with a quick three-month landfill decomposition. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint. Ultra Pure also uses an all-natural whitening process--no bleach or chlorine is used and is pesticide-free.Crosstex announces management changesIn addition to Ultra Pure, Crosstex has a line of cotton and non-woven products for practices including: *Ultra Gauze non-sterile sponges made with a 70/30 rayon/polyester formed non-woven material to replicate the look of woven gauze*Highly absorbent premium, non-sterile All-Gauze Sponges made from 100% USP gauze*Advantage Plus cotton rolls that contain no cellulose or rayon fibers and do not adhere to mucous membraneFor more information, visit or call toll-free at (888) CROSSTEX or (631) 582-6777.To comment on this product, go to