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Heraeus Flexitime Putty

July 18, 2011
Automatic machine affords fast, void-free mixing, no mixing by hand, for Heraeus Flexitime Putty.
SOUTH BEND, Indiana--Flexitime Putty, Heraeus’ VPS precision impression material, is available in cartridges for use with the Flexitime Dynamix Automatic Mixing Machine. Intended for dental operatory situations, Flexitime allows as few as 30 seconds of working time for routine cases and up to 2.5 minutes when extra time is needed. This new addition to the family of Flexitime VPS impression materials rounds out the Flexitime Dynamix offering. Dental professionals can choose from heavy tray, monophase, and putty automix materials, and can expect to save time and money with fast, automated mixing and a precise dosage of material. The Dynamix Putty with Dynamix Machine affords fast, void-free mixing, no need to mix by hand, and helps ensure precision and accuracy. “Accurate impressions are the foundation for your patients’ successful treatment outcomes,” said John C. Schwartz, DDS. “Taking the time to ensure quality and consistency in every impression will allow you to achieve the results you and your patients are looking for.”Heraeus’ Flexitime boasts easy, robust, and safe processing. Its Advanced ThermaSense technology allows up to 2.5 minutes of working time outside the mouth, but a fast set once exposed to intraoral temperatures.Venus Diamond Flow by HeraeusIn the January-February 2011 issue of The Dental Advisor, Independent evaluators noted that Flexitime is easy to mix and inject, and demonstrates good flow. A 2011 “Preferred Product” and “Editor’s Choice,” Flexitime adapted well to teeth and didn’t distort. Further, cartridge-dispensing tips did not clog. Its range of working times also facilitated use on single-unit and multiple-unit impressions, according to The Dental Advisor evaluations. “Beneficial properties of Flexitime are its optimal slump resistance, flowability, wettability, and dimensional stability,” Dr. Schwartz stated in a published article. “Other handling characteristics such as viscosity, ease of removing impressions, and tear strength give this impression material desirable properties. Also, Flexitime’s colors make it easy to read critical areas of the impression.”Flexitime Dynamix Putty, Dynamix Cartridge, and Dynamix Automatic Mixing Machine are part of the line of Flexitime VPS impression materials. They offer dental professionals an integrated and simplified approach to clean, crisp impressions. Heraeus’ Flexitime line carries more than 10 years of market experience and includes Correct Flow, Flexitime Bite, Flexitime Xtreme, and Dynamix. Known for its “reliable precision – every time,” Flexitime VPS impression material offers a flexible working time, safe processing, and accurate impressions. For more information, call (800) 431-1785 or visit comment on this product, go to