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DUX lead-free apron

April 7, 2011
Company responds to dental X-Ray thyroid concerns.
OXNARD, California--Recent media reports included in a press release and during a popular talk show featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed potential risks associated with dental X-rays. To read more about DUX Dental go to DUX Dental.Specifically, the subject of the extremely sensitive thyroid gland receiving radiation was at the forefront. The recommendation from Dr. Oz to the general public was to always ask for an apron with a thyroid collar or shield when getting dental X-rays. In response to this recommendation, DUX Dental will launch an addition to its lead-free aprons with attached thyroid collars, separate lead-free thyroid collars that can be used in conjunction with regular aprons. Lead-free thyroid collars can add to the patient comfort since they are 30% lighter than traditional leaded collars and offer the same level of protection. DUX Dental is taking pre-orders of this item, scheduled to be available to major dental dealers in May 2011. For more information, visit or call (800) 833-8267 and speak with customer service.To comment on this product, go to