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April 4, 2011
Stage Front Presentation Systems unveils expansion of inVisionCam product line.
Stage Front Presentation Systems unveiled the expansion of the VisionCam product line at the 2011 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition. To read more about dental videos, go to videos.The line includes the inVisionStream and inVisionServe to make streaming and distribution of dental videos simpler. The products join the HD inVisionCam to offer a package of lighting, audio, streaming, and storage of video, audio, and images.“We believe that the inVisionCam product line will revolutionize dentistry,” said Steve Stephens, president of Stage Front Presentation Systems. "Because it is intuitive and easy to use and has such a wide range of applications, it is the new 'must-have' dental technology."How easy is the camera to use? Position it with one hand, point the lens at a tooth and speak normally. Creating videos is that simple! The camera's articulated arm positions like the familiar dental light, offering virtually unlimited viewing angles. Integrated, adjustable LED lighting automatically adjusts to create well-lit videos.Use the inVisionStream to send the video to an audience in the next room or across the globe. The inVisionServe stores the video for on-demand replay later. The new product line has applications in dental schools, private practice, and for the fast-growing teledentistry specialization.“As a dentist in private practice, I see the InVisionCam as a great way to explain complex procedures to patients," says Dr. Brad Durham, DMD, a dentist, consultant, and author with a practice in Savannah, Ga."When you can use video and sound to capture particular dental conditions, you give the patient a better understanding.” Dr. Durham goes on to point out that dental videos also create a visual treatment record that can be saved indefinitely or shared during a consultation with a dental specialist in another location.“It is an easy way to share with patients, specialists, and others who are involved in dental treatments,” he said.The inVisionCam product line is designed to meet a range of needs. In dental schools, it can be integrated with existing Multimedia Teaching Systems. Dentists in private practice can use it to document a procedure or save a single image. Videos and/or images can also be streamed to dental specialists in other locations for consultation.For more information, visit or call (800) 736-9242, ext. 5748.To comment on this product, go to