Viziflex Seels new line

April 27, 2011
Disposable TV remote covers help provide a further sanitary solution for hospitals' and doctors’ offices.

HACKENSACK, New Jersey--According to past studies, germs lurk on television remotes and are considered one of the most germ-infested items.

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Even within the cleanest hospitals' and doctors’ offices, TV remote germs are always at the ready to jump onto the hands of the next patient but with the help of Viziflex Seels’ new line of polyurethane TV remote covers, patients will be potentially protected 24/7.

A manufacturer of transparent, form-fitting computer covers, Viziflex has expanded its product line with the introduction of universal disposable TV remote covers. The covers help reduce cross-contamination of germs between guests, lessens cleaning time, and they could save costs with technology repairs.

The covers could also help provide peace of mind to those people who carry wipes with the need to clean down surfaces, such as TV remotes.

Michael Glicksman, president and CEO of Viziflex Seels, said, “Viziflex Seels Inc., recognizes that the spread of germs, dust, and contaminants is an ongoing problem and prevention remains a priority for all communities. Our disposable TV remote covers will help provide a further sanitary solution for hospitals' and doctors’ offices, giving patients and practitioners extra peace of mind without the worry of germ infested equipment..”

The disposable strong polyurethane cover fits securely with a sewn elastic edge, designed to fit Lodgenet and On Command remotes, but it can be modified with Viziflex Seels' customary designs. The covers cost $11.95 for a pack of 25 and $6.95 for 10.

Viziflex Seels covers provide hygienic cleanliness for other high-contact environmental surfaces, such as the computer mouse and desktops, as well as other technology accessories.

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