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ADS Wilkote

May 24, 2011
Wilkote is a formulated gold/ceramic metal conditioning powder.
ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania--American Dental Supply offers Leach & Dillon Products' Wilkote.To read more about alloys, go to alloys.Wilkote is a formulated gold/ceramic metal conditioner powder. It is provided as a kit containing the mixing liquid, mixing jar, and instructions.Wilkote is designed for all types of precious ceramic alloys. It is applied on the surface of the finished casting before the porcelain to produce a warm, lifelike background color.An opaque reflective surface is created that scatters light similar to that of natural dentition. This surface allows the ceramist to help achieve optimal esthetics even on alloys that form the darkest oxides.Wilkote also provides an effective seal to the surface of the alloy, preventing bubbling in porcelain due to porosity, contamination, excess oxides, or orther difficulties with the alloy. A separate degassing step is not needed when using the product.Wilkote is available through a dealer.For more information, visit or call (800) 558-5925.To comment on this product, go to