Midmark Artizan dental furniture

Feb. 21, 2011
Furniture provides stylish deep drawers and quality of motion.

VERSAILLES, Ohio--Midmark Corporation has introduced the new Artizan dental furniture drawer and lift systems.

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These new features help add to the beauty of the Artizan cabinet line by integrating design elements while improving functionality and efficiency in the operatory.

The new Artizan drawer system combines quality of motion with smooth running action, allowing drawers to open and close easily. While the system still provides a full-extension, soft-close drawer, it also offers a side, height, and tilt feature for flexibility in adjustment.

The new design is available in standard silk white or an optional stainless steel look. Deep drawer profiles can be fitted with a color-coordinated BOXCAP to create a continuous design or with frosted glass for a design element to create a more stylish drawer.

The new door lift systems for the Artizan treatment stations not only help clinicians work more efficiently and ergonomically, but also bring a new look to the operatory. Unlike traditional swing-out doors that usually interfere with limited space in the operatory or hallways, these new doors lift up and out of the way.

This allows for a complete view into a cabinet’s interior while providing easy access of stored items in the upper modules.

There are two different styles of lift systems: a “straight up” option or an “up and over” option. Each style can be ordered as manual operation or with a SERVO-DRIVE system for opening and silent closing.

Artizan dental furniture with the new drawer and lift systems is scheduled to be on display in Midmark’s booth at the 2011 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.

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