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Data shows adhesive protects teeth and is easier to remove after debonding

March 27, 2014
3M Unitek APC Flash-Free Adhesive available in growing list of countries.

MONROVIA, California--During the past year, orthodontists around the world have discovered the benefits of the APC Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System from 3M Unitek.

Key advantages of the system include the elimination of the flash removal step in bonding and reduction of bonding time by up to 40% per bracket. This enables increased efficiency at appointments and a more pleasant patient experience.

New data now shows greater benefits for patients and the orthodontic team, and highlights the adhesive’s formulation that protects tooth enamel during treatment and makes debonding and cleanup easier at the end of treatment.

Protection from Acid Erosion: With APC Flash-Free Adhesive, a small amount of resin flows out from under the bracket during seating. This resin forms a meniscus or fillet around the edges of the bracket which, once cured, has been proven to stay in place for the duration of the treatment.

New data shows that the cured APC Flash-Free Adhesive resin material protects covered enamel from the softening effects of acid exposure. While other adhesive products may require sealant applications every six months, the new data shows that APC Flash-Free Adhesive not only stands up to wear from tooth brushing, but additionally protects the meniscus covered enamel from acid erosion.

“The capability of APC Flash-Free Adhesive to protect tooth enamel under the adhesive from acid erosion during treatment is an added advantage for both orthodontists and patients” said Armineh Khachatoorian, brand manager, 3M Unitek.

"Avoiding the use of sealant saves time and adds efficiency."

Easier Debonding at End of Treatment: A new in vitro University study shows that users of APC Flash-Free Adhesive report the product enables more consistent and predictable debonding compared to traditional paste adhesive systems.

Easier Cleanup at End of Treatment: The resin used in APC Flash-Free Adhesive contains less filler; therefore, while providing reliable bond strength, an added benefit is improved ease of cleanup of adhesive remnants after debonding. Data shows that the adhesive is softer, suggesting that less force on the handpiece is required to remove remnants, and that the remnant material is more pliable than alternative systems.

Similarly, clinicians found that a low speed handpiece is sufficient for removal of the material, and that they are able to delegate this task to an assistant. The easier adhesive removal process also makes the debonding appointment more comfortable for patients, allowing them to experience a smoother, quicker and more comfortable debonding process.

“With APC Flash-Free Adhesive, cement cleanup has been much more pleasant for our patients,” said Dr. Mohammad Razavi of Palladium Orthodontics in Kanata, Ontario.

“We can use a slow-speed handpiece for the cleanup, and I notice that there is significantly less pressure necessary to remove the cement. For us, the patient comfort factor is key in growing our practice and making raving fans of our patients. The use of APC Flash-Free Adhesive allows us to continue on this practice philosophy and make the patient’s last clinical appointment a positive one.”

APC Flash-Free Adhesive is available with Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets in both the MBT Appliance System and Roth prescriptions. The system is available in a growing list of regions, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Latin America.

For more information, visit www.3MUnitek.com/flashfree.

To see the product firsthand, visit the 3M Unitek, Booth #903, at the 2014 American Association of Orthodontists’ Annual Session in New Orleans.

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