Dentalvibe G3

DentalVibe launches new Gen3 for pain-free injections

Aug. 18, 2014
DentalVibe launches the new Gen3 for pain-free injections.

Bing Innovations, the exclusive provider of the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System, is pleased to announce the newly launched Gen3 for pain-free injections.

Created by Steven G. Goldberg, DDS, FADFE, the DentalVibe is a cordless, handheld device that uses revolutionary VibraPulse technology to send soothing pulsations into the oral cavity during the injection process, leaving patients with a painless and stress-free experience. The DentalVibe operates on the principles of “The Gate Control Theory of Pain.” By these principles, the vibrations released by the DentalVibe reach the sensory area of the brain faster than the pain of the injection does, closing the body’s neural “pain gate.” As a result, the patient feels the vibrations instead of the pain. After the injection, the vibrations from the DentalVibe help to massage the pain-relieving solution into the tissue.

“The DentalVibe alleviates the worst part of any dental treatment procedure: the pain from the dreaded dental injection,” says Dr. Goldberg. “When millions of people can go to the dentist without the fear of pain, I’ve done my job!”

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DentalVibe is currently in use by thousands of dentists in private practice, hospitals, and dental schools throughout the United States and in more than 25 countries around the world.

For more information about the DentalVibe, visit or contact Bing Innovations LLC at 877-503-8423.