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Sultan Healthcare launches new Com-Fit Plush™ Masks— promising ultimate comfort combined with protection

Jan. 24, 2014
In today’s world of infection prevention, facemasks are a key component for every dental procedure.

HACKENSACK, NJ—January 13, 2014—In today’s world of infection prevention, facemasks are a key component for every dental procedure. Dentists, Hygienists and staff are wearing them throughout the day, but do they understand if the mask has the appropriate levels of protection? Are they comfortable enough to be worn correctly to maximize the benefit of protection? With the launch of new Com-Fit Plush™Masks, Sultan Healthcare believes that dentists and hygienists will now have the best of both worlds.

The new Com-Fit Plush™line of hypoallergenic facemasks is designed to keep dentists and hygienists as protected as they are comfortable. The product promises to set a new industry benchmark in comfort, while offering the proper protection for dental procedures.

It is easy to imagine that comfort would be secondary to safety and proper compliance, but studies show that if forced to choose, dental professionals will either use substandard masks that offer better comfort, or wear quality masks improperly to substitute for the unpleasant experience. With Com-Fit Plush™ Masks, users no longer have to make those compromises.

“Infection Prevention tools like masks are useless unless there is compliance. If a mask is worn incorrectly because it is irritating or is not offering appropriate fluid resistance, it is not doing the job.” said Tim Lorencovitz, the marketing manager overseeing the product’s launch. “Our new masks will offer a luxurious level of comfort to encourage compliance and more importantly have appropriate level of protection.”

Com-Fit Plush™ Masks are differentiated in the market in a number of ways:

The masks are lined with an innovative inner material that feels silky soft on the skin. In addition, the gentle ear loops help stave off irritation so often caused by some competitive masks. The patented curved noseband helps ensure the mask is donned in the correct manner.

Com-Fit Plush™ Masks are also hypoallergenic. When designing the new line, Sultan Healthcare was cognizant of the growing prevalence and randomness of allergies in our modern world. It was important to create a hypoallergenic mask to address common concerns of sensitivity and irritation and increase confidence in the dental offices they serve.

Com-Fit Plush™ Masks are offered in three levels of protection—each corresponding to ASTM levels 1 to 3—that offer the right protection for virtually any procedure:

CFP-1 – For procedures with light amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols.

CFP-2 – For procedures with low to moderate amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols.

CFP-3 – For procedures with moderate to heavy amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols.

Com-Fit Plush™ Masksare part of Sultan Healthcare’s popular Infection Prevention line of products. As Lorencovitz explained, it’s a perfect fit.

“Sultan Healthcare has a strong history and is known for excellent quality and innovative products. We strive to help improve the safety of the dental experience for both the clinician and the patient with our Infection Prevention Line. Com-Fit Plush™ Masks fall right in line with that tradition.”

The product is set to launch mid-February 2014. To learn more about new Com-Fit Plush™ Masks, contact your Dental Dealer or visit