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Putty with fast-set formula debuts

June 6, 2014
Brasseler introduces EndoSequence BC RRM-Fast-Set Putty.
SAVANNAH, Georgia--Brasseler USA, a manufacturer of instrumentation, has introduce EndoSequence BC RRM-Fast Set Putty. Made with a fast-set formula and equipped with improved Sanidose syringe delivery, BC RRM-Fast Set Putty provides users with handling and healing properties.

BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is biocompatible, has an antibacterial pH balance of +12, and is osteogenic. It is a solution for pulp capping and root repair procedures.

BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is premixed, resulting in less waste with no threat of cross-contamination. Improved Sanidose syringe delivery helps ensures a unit dose of moldable and condensable consistency with for putty applications. BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is resistant to common washout, and sets in 20 minutes.

BC RRM-Fast Set Putty has a small particle size and is void of heavy metals, such as bismuth oxide that can cause discoloration.

Furthermore, a recent study concluded that BC RRM-Fast Set Putty exhibited the fastest set time and best cell adhesion capacity of all materials tested.

“The accelerated hydration reaction of EndoSequence BC RRM-Fast Set Putty improves treatment efficiency and resistance to washout,” said Dr. Allen Ali Nasseh, clinical instructor, Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

“BC RRM-Fast Set Putty represents the next logical step in root repair and retro-fillings. It truly exemplifies the many benefits of pre-mixed ceramics.”

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