New Digital Kelkom wireless advances workflow communications

Oct. 30, 2014
QEMQ, Inc. announces its WiFi wireless addition to the Digital Kelkom product line, a leading Android operating system platform tablet, which runs the new KelkomPanel App.
QEMQ, Inc. announces its WiFi wireless addition to the Digital Kelkom product line. Based on the industry-standard IEEE 802.11 g/n protocol integrated into a leading Android operating system platform tablet, the solution runs the new KelkomPanel App. The system delivers all the industry-leading features of Kelkom patient flow management systems.

“This is a key product for the dental industry for two reasons – first, we deliver a robust workflow communication implementation utilizing cleanly deployed WiFi wireless technology infrastructure. Second, the wireless technology expands the functional utility of our Digital Kelkom workflow communication products when deployed in combination with the rest of the product line,” explained L. A. Frost, President of QEMQ. “We determined that WiFi provides the most economic technology platform because it is ubiquitous – are there any other kinds of “hot- spots?” - and the very high bandwidth means our very small message packets speed through. We are not turning on porch lights or opening the garage door that other protocols in use were developed to do,” he said.

The rigorous tablet selection process focused on other usability features - including touch screen technology, ergonomics, screen size and shape, battery life, as well as use in both portable and hard-mounted applications. Moreover the product selected had to come from the computer industry versus a custom design in order to take advantage of the economic benefits created by the huge unit production volumes driving high reliability and low cost.

“WiFi does have a reputation in our industry that makes us wary,” said Dr. Jonah Raskin, DDS and dental practice management consultant, “but the technology industry experience at QEMQ that now creates Kelkom products brings thoughtful, high value solutions that take advantage of the widespread availability of IT professionals serving our industry for installation and support.”

The KelkomPanel Android App delivers all of the patient flow management and workflow communications one expects from a Kelkom solution. Together they deliver the high visibility Kelkom user interface of the 21-button format, and they maintain the important look and feel of the ClassicKelkom panel. The result is a low profile terminal that extends less than 1/2 inch from the mounting surface. Cleaning is a “spray & wipe” snap.

The system approach allows the entire system architecture to scale across all practice sizes – 3-4 op practices to 20+ op clinics can benefit from improved efficiencies. Moreover, this means the system can grow as the practice expands.

An IT professional can accomplish system installations since the network uses standard CAT5 WiFi network components.

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