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Certol introduces ProSpray wipes

March 1, 2012
ProSpray wipes Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner Towelettes
Certol International introduces ProSpray Wipes Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner Towelette and Antibacterial Surface Wipes. These ready-to-use antibacterial surface wipes have built in surfactants, and are approved for use in medical and dental settings. ProSpray antibacterial cleaning wipes disinfect and clean surfaces at the same time.Advantages to using ProSpray Wipes include:

• Contains 135 8.5” x 12” disinfecting wipes, more than double the competitor’s large wipes, making ProSpray the most economical wipe on the market.
• Reliable ProSpray formula won’t dry out, crack, or discolor plastic, vinyl, and other hard surfaces.
• New wall mount bracket is compatible with both the large and regular size canisters.
• Pleasant lemon scent is appreciated by staff and patients alike.

ProSpray Wipes are hard on germs, not on bare hands! They are so safe it is now an EPA approved antibacterial surface wipe for use without gloves (in absence of bio-hazards).

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