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Anterior Quest has solution to mercury disposal

March 1, 2012
In containing 100% of the problem, Anterior Quest is the compliance guarantor.
In service to the dental community and in support of best environmental practices, Anterior Quest has the solution to the release of mercury into the environment. Test results, identifying the dentist office as a contributor to the problem, are forcing strict nationwide regulation, thus mandating the installation of a separator with 95% (or greater) efficiency to discharge dental amalgam. Anterior Quest has the only system to contain 100% of mercury and amalgam, the Hg Containment Series.Separating you from the problemTheir certified wastewater treatment expert, and Hg Containment Series inventor, was compelled to develop a practical method of containing mercury and heavy metals from dental wastewater. With single-minded focus, the mercury recovery system was designed to effectively, conveniently, and finally collect all dentist chair wastewater. In containing 100% of mercury and amalgam, the Hg Containment Series more than satisfies governmental demands, and as intended, provides the solution for the dental profession.Product highlights

1. Captures and disposes of 100% of mercury
2. Drastically lowers operating costs
3. Eliminates the need for testing
4. Lowers capital equipment costs
5. Filterless technology
6. No handling of hazardous material
7. Eliminates long-term liability
8. Measures amount of mercury removed for complaince and reporting purposes.

Be part of the solution
In support of the government mission, "… to contain harmful amalgam from wastewater and remove for safe recycling," the Hg Containment Series was completed. Both user and environmentally friendly, the system is effortless, cost effective, and safe, requiring no handling and virtually no maintenance. Anterior Quest exceeds the call to “reduce” discharges of mercury by eliminating the bio-accumulative toxin altogether. Simply put, Anterior Quest gets rid of it … all of it!

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