Bio-Pure: the No. 1 evacuation line cleaner

Aug. 17, 2012
Guaranteed to improve suction performance

There is nothing else like Bio-Pure in the dental market. Bio-Pure restores and maintains evacuation system flow and function by actively digesting vacuum line build-up.

It is simple to use, cleans between uses, non-foaming, non-corrosive neutral pH, removes odors and sludge, and eliminates daily trap cleaning.

Its dual enzyme and bacteria action breaks down and digests organic waste. Bio-Pure eliminates odors by the (enzyme) breaking down and the (bacteria) digesting organic solids and is the most advanced, patented scientific formulation of specialized bacterial strains and natural enzymes. Enzyme-only products do half the job.

Bio-Pure does the whole job and continues to clean after applied, and enzymes just can't do that. Liquid products say they clean, but they only coat the inner walls of the lines trapping particulates. This is proven the first week Bio-Pure is used as the traps will be packed with released particulates from the vacuum lines.

No permits or licenses are required because Bio-Pure is not a chemical. The bacteria only attack dead organic matter. Therefore, it does not fall under FIFRA review and does not require a permit or license.

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