We need your vote for the greatest dental invention of all time

Aug. 21, 2012

It may not be March, but the crew at DentistryIQ.com has put together a 64-product bracket of the greatest dental inventions ever created … and we need your help determining which product should earn the title of "the greatest of all time."

Will the top-seeded toothbrush take home the title? Maybe floss or fluoride will capture the crown? Will air abrasion, Xylitol, or probiotics be the Cinderella story? It's up to you.

Register by clicking here, then place your vote for the greatest dental invention of all time. For every invention that gets your vote and moves on to the next round, you'll get points. Then, keep coming back to vote in future rounds and track your points so you can brag about your genius selections to your friends.

Click here to visit the 64-product bracket and good luck!

How does it work?
For each round and before the cuttoff time, pick who you think will win.

Are there prizes?
No. This contest is just for fun and education.

Can I play with a "private group" of friends and family?
Yes. After you register and log in, just click on the my groups tab. Next click on "Create a Private Group" and follow the instructions.