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Johnson-Promident introduces new Clear Advantage Hygiene Handpiece

Jan. 12, 2012
Product is a replacement for the Midwest RDH hygiene handpiece.
Johnson-Promident has introduced the new Clear Advantage Hygiene Handpiece.The product is a replacement for the Midwest RDH hygiene handpiece.The Clear Advantage Hygiene Handpiece offers the same design, performance, and warranty as the original for just half the price. It has a lightweight, ergonomic design for better positioning and reduced fatigue. Johnson-Promident expands handpiece series lineIts smooth 360-degree swivel provides better comfort and access. The handpiece also has removable autoclavable color bands for easy identification. This feature can also be used on the Midwest RDH. For more information, call (845) 589-0210 or visit comment on this product, go to