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Does Your Toothbrush Have an App?

April 12, 2012
The Beam Brush is the world’s first smart toothbrush.
The average person brushes their teeth for only 46 seconds, but is 50% more likely to brush their teeth for a full two minutes when using just a simple timer. Dentists agree that strong home oral care habits are a major factor in not only an individual’s oral health, but also their overall health. In the age of digital medicine, a new opportunity is present for technology to help improve oral health. The Beam Brush is the world’s first smart toothbrush, a manual brush that monitors oral hygiene habits and reports them to a smartphone app. Beam contains embedded sensors that upload brushing length and frequency data to an easy-to-read interface. Users also have the option to send their data to their dentist ahead of cleanings so home oral hygiene characteristics can be considered in treatment planning. The interactive Beam app displays a two-minute timer with the ability to play any song on the phone through the app while brushing. It even issues alerts when it’s time to replace the brush head and can even order it automatically! Multiple brushes can be managed from a single app, so the whole family can easily compare statistics and interact. A patient education section includes a plethora of professional dental content, and the Beam Goals feature allows all users to participate in achieving brushing milestones that result in real-world incentives. Dentists and health and wellness businesses are also involved in advertising products and services in prime locations on the app, as well as sponsoring Beam Goals for special promotions. Beam believes brushing your teeth should be fun, interactive, and even profitable! Visit for more information. The Beam Brush will launch in Summer 2012.

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