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HDLTV for medical practices

May 18, 2012
WorldLink Services introduces HDLTV,  and dentists can use personalized lobby videos to educate patients
A trip to the dentist is usually not on anyone’s list of favorite things to do. Many people fear the pain and the "scary" instruments because they are not aware of the advances of modern dentistry and its importance to overall health.High Definition Lobby Television (HDLTV) is a personalized network that educates, entertains, and engages patients while they wait to go into the dentist's office. This is not some third party infomercial, but their own dentist’s office and staff. The lobby shows can help dispel the fears about the "scary" instruments, and explain the advantages of good oral health, among other topics.WorldLink Services understand the benefits of building rapport with patients through video. “We know how much it would benefit patients to get a realistic feel for their dental office and relieve anxiety before they sit in that chair,” says WorldLink director, Nolen Davis.

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