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Nov. 9, 2010
Shannon L. Pace CAD/CAM Bur Kit allows assistants to make adjustments to milled restorations.
ROCK HILL, South Carolina--There has been an increase in dental assistants who are learning about the benefits of using CAD/CAM technology. That's why KOMET USA has introduced a new bur kit that allows assistants to make adjustments to milled restorations. Developed in conjunction with Shannon L. Pace-Brinker, CDA, of Virginia Beach, Va., KOMET USA has debuted the Shannon L. Pace CAD/CAM Bur Kit (SD 2308). This is the third bur kit developed by KOMET with Pace-Brinker for dental assistants. This new kit contains 12 instruments (nine polishers, two diamond discs, and one carbide bur). It provides dental assistants the proper rotary instruments for minor contouring and polishing of milled ceramic restorations. Assistants can use the 6934B honeycombed diamond disc for cutting ceramic sprues, as well as the ZR943 diamond disc for cutting HIP Zirconia under spray cooling with the lab turbine. This disc has a medium grit of 100 µm and has a 1-mm coating of quality diamonds on 0.3 mm of its width. Also provided in the kit is the KOMET 557S cross-cut fissure carbide, designed to be used in a high-speed lab turbine. Finally, the kit also comes with three sets of coarse (C), medium (M), and fine (F) ceramic polishers (94000, 94004, and 94005) interspersed with diamond grit for trimming, polishing, and high-shine polishing of ceramic material. For more information, call (888) 566-3887 or visit To read more about KOMET, go to KOMET.To comment on this product, go to