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SheerWhite films

Nov. 2, 2010
Product is simple to apply, easy to wear, and delivers fast results.
WEST JORDAN, Utah--The CAO Group, a provider of dental devices and materials, has debuted the first member of the Sheer Film family of products, Sheer White! teeth whitening films. Consisting of thin, flexible films, plus 20% carbamide peroxide gel, SheerWhite! is easily applied, molds to teeth, stays where placed, and whitens teeth fast. New SheerWhite! teeth whitening films employ an advanced delivery system. Using CAO's proprietary thin, flexible Sheer Film material, SheerWhite! teeth whitening films are molded to individual tooth shape and cover from approximately first molar to first molar. The Sheer Film material molds tightly to the teeth, helping to ensurs contact of Sheer White!'s whitening gel to enamel and to help prevent washout or leakage down the patient's throat. Moreover, SheerWhite! teeth whitening films are comfortable and discreet. Unlike whitening trays or old-style "strips," patients can speak more clearly. Sheer White! teeth whitening films can be worn anytime. SheerWhite! is a complement to in-office whitening, since patients usually must finish that treatment at home. With SheerWhite!, there is no tray to fabricate, no lab costs, and whitening can begin immediately. Sheer White! is the first CAO product to feature the company's SheerFilm material. In the next several months, CAO plans to use its SheerFilm material to help effectively deliver medicaments for desensitizing and fluoride. SheerWhite! teeth whitening films are distributed exclusively through Henry Schein Dental. The Sheer White! Introductory Kit contains six patient treatment kits. The Sheer White! Bulk Kit contains 24 patient treatment kits. Each patient treatment kit provides a five-day whitening regime. SheerWhite! has an 18-month shelf life. For more information, call (877) 236-4408, or visit read more about CAO Group, go to CAO Group.To comment on this product, go to