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KOMET diamond lab instruments

Nov. 8, 2010
Instruments to be used in crown-and-bridge and model casting techniques.
ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA offers diamond laboratory instruments designed for grinding of ceramics and chrome cobalt materials for crown-and-bridge and model casting techniques. KOMET's diamonds with a sintered bond (DSB) are laboratory "grinders" interspersed either with a medium (107 µm), coarse (151 µm) or super coarse (181 µm) diamond grit. DSB instruments are designed with high-quality diamonds and provide users with long service lives and dimensional stability. They generate little dust during operation. The following DSB instruments are available: * 7801/76801-medium and coarse round instruments * 7805/76805-medium and coarse inverted cone instruments * 7928-medium hollow inverted cone instrument * 7825/76825-medium and coarse knife edge instruments * 76881-coarse cylinder round instrument * 76859-coarse needle instrument * 7848-medium flat-end tapered instrument * 7856/76856-medium and coarse round-end tapered * 7862-medium flame instrument * 7852/76852-medium and coarse needle instruments * 7351/76351/75351-medium, coarse and super coarse round-end tapered instruments * 76251/75251-coarse and super coarse flame instruments The following friction grip high-speed DSB instruments are available for crown-and-bridge technique: * 76801-coarse round instrument * 76805-coarse inverted cone instrument * 76825-coarse knife edge instrument * 7274-medium round end flame instrument KOMET USA recommends that DSBs be cleaned and sharpened by using a KOMET cleaning stone (9750), thus preventing black marks on ceramics and extending service life. For more information about KOMET USA, call (888) 566-3887 or visit To read more about KOMET, go to KOMET.To comment on this product, go to