EDS EZ-Fit post

Sept. 8, 2010
EZ-Fit's multiple tiered design allows post to be countersunk into the tooth to prevent apical stress under pressure.

SOUTH HACKENSACK, New Jersey--Essential Dental Systems has announced introduction of a new passive post, EZ-Fit.

EZ-Fit encompasses design and function and features strength, retention, and stability.

EZ-Fit's multiple tiered design allows the post to be countersunk into the tooth preventing apical stress under pressure. EZ-Fit's positive seated head stabilizes restoration by resting on the tooth and stabilizing tooth structure while safely dissipating the stresses of occlusion.

Featuring undercuts on the head and shank, EZ-Fit provides core material retention and locks in post cement providing retention of the post shank.

EZ-Fit was available Sept. 1, 2010, through dental dealers. The post kit contains 10 posts, one primary reamer, and one secondary drill. Post kits are available in sizes 0, 1, and 2.

EZ-Fit joins EDS's line of dental posts that include Access Post, Flexi-Post, Flexi-Flange, Flexi-Post Fiber, and Flexi-Flange Fiber.

For more information, contact Victoria Reina, sales and marketing manager, at (201) 487-9090.

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