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Curing light polymerizes dental materials

June 29, 2010
New TC-CL II Curing Light from Spring Health Products is cordless, light weight, all-metal LED curing light.
NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania--The new CURE, TC-CL II from Spring Health Productsis a cordless, light-weight, all- metal LED curing light used for the polymerization of dental materials. It has been manufactured in the U.S., including the circuit board. The unit has a light intensity of 1,200 mW/cm² and a broad light spectrum suitable for curing dental materials that cure in the wavelength of 440-465 nm for a six-second cure. The lithium-ion battery, which takes approximately two hours to charge a discharged battery, has a run time of 45 minutes. A visible green light indicates the unit is charged. Audible beeps occur every two seconds during operation, and the light timer can be adjusted between two and 20 seconds. A radiometer that provides the user with a numerical reading of the light intensity is optional. The Cure TC-CL II can run in a high mode for curing materials or low mode for curing near the pulp and minimize polymerization shrinkage.The grip of the CURE can appeal to dental assistants and dentists. The ease of switching modes makes the light simple to use. Access to the mouth is provided by the light's slim shape and its light weight helps prevent fatigue. The docking station continuously charges the unit between uses.For more information about the TC-CL II or to learn more about the company's broad portfolio of products, visit, contact a Spring Health Products representative, or call (800) 800-1680.To read more about curing lights, go to curing lights.To comment on this product, go to